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Cyber Incident Emergency Response

Our certified cybersecurity SWAT team is available to respond and remediate critical security incidents. With our team of highly trained professionals, we’ll have your systems secured and up-and-running with as little downtime as possible.


Quickly Respond

Get the fastest assistance available for all incident types including technical and non-technical scenarios. 

React Swiftly. Protect Completely. 


Weaken Affect 

Spot comprising actions right away and reduce the affect of bad actors and cyber criminals. 


360 Remediation

Assess beyond obvious attacks, rooting out issues beneath the surface to stay safe for the long term. 

Image by Executium

Professional Incident Response Management

Conquer complex cyber threats quickly with expert certified support from CryptoTech IT. Our secure cryptographic solutions help you restore systems quickly and prevent future events from happening. 

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Get Back to Business-As-Usual Faster

We’ll breakdown the extent of the incident to help you understand the implications and respond accordingly. 

Respond Across Systems

Whether the incident is in-the-cloud, onsite, or affecting a single or system-wide system, our experts have the experience necessary to react effectively.

Shore Up Your Defenses

Pinpoint exact locations of vulnerabilities with the assistance of our experienced professionals.

Target Your Response Approach

Our team will help you gather insights to inform a customized plan for remediation. 

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